Diagnostic Testing
with Genomic Unity®

Billing information

At Variantyx, we do our best to make genetic testing affordable and accessible to everyone with a medical need.


Insurance billing

Insurance billing is available for Genomic Unity® testing.

Our clinical coordinators will perform a Benefits Investigation (BI) on every order and will contact the patient if their out-of-pocket responsibility is determined to be $100 or greater. Financial assistance through our Patient Assistance Program is available to help with out-of-pocket costs when certain criteria are met. For information on our Patient Assistance Program, please contact us.


Medicare and Medicaid

We work with Medicare and are contracted with Medicaid providers in >30 states nationwide. For questions about Medicaid coverage in your state, please contact us.


Institutional billing

Institutional billing is available for organizations who prefer to manage insurance and patient billing directly. We will work with your organization to set up a laboratory service agreement.


Variantyx Patient Assistance Program

For patients with commercial insurance who qualify for our Patient Assistance Program, out-of-pocket expenses are limited on a sliding scale based on household size and adjusted annual income relative to Federal Poverty Guidelines. Please download and complete the Patient Assistance Program form, filling out all necessary fields and following the instructions provided for submission.


Patient pay

Please contact us for patient pay pricing for any of our products.

Flexible payment plans are available.

Please do not submit Protected Health Information (PHI) through this email address.

If you need to submit Protected Health Information (PHI), please call us at 617-209-2090 and we will work with you to submit the information through an alternate mechanism.

Otherwise, please continue: